X1 is finally here!

X1 (also known as X1 Pro or X1) is a super powerful and highly-efficient supercomputer from the same team that brought us the X-series.

The X1 uses a 20nm GPU to run a massively parallel compute engine, making it one of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

The machine has a maximum power of 2.8 TFLOPS, and a 256-bit memory interface.

It has a max speed of 1.7 Gbps, which is quite fast.

The GPU is also used to power the X1’s “exhaust fans”, which can be configured to operate in either a fan mode or a fan-only mode.

The X1 runs on the latest version of Intel’s Xeon Phi CPU cores, which are the most power-efficient CPUs in the market.

This is especially significant given the fact that the X2 and X3 processors have been released.

X1 is the first computer from the X Series family, and the first to use Intel’s new Broadwell-E processor.

X1 has a 3.4 GHz Intel Xeon Phi processor, with a max clock speed of 3.6 GHz.

This processor was announced earlier this year, and will be the next generation of Intel Xeon CPUs for some time to come.

The machine has two PCIe x16 slots, with support for up to six lanes per PCIe 3.0.

The system supports DDR4-2400 RAM and can be overclocked to support up to 8 GB of RAM.

The computer also comes with four SATA ports, and two USB 3.1 Gen2 ports.

The processor comes with six USB 3, one USB 2.0, one FireWire, and one Gigabit Ethernet ports.