Why Ford will keep its Focus RS after the 2020 model year

Ford has confirmed that the Focus RS will continue to be sold in the US.

The automaker confirmed that it will continue with the Focus S model in 2020, as well as the Focus F and the Focus X crossover.

“As we continue to deliver exciting and innovative vehicles for the U.S., the Focus and the upcoming Focus RS are staying in production,” said Ford US vice president of sales and marketing Paul P. Guenther.

“This means that Focus RS buyers will continue get a quality, high-quality product at a price they can afford.

Our commitment to our U.K. customers is to continue offering them an affordable choice that will deliver on the promise of the Focus.”

The Focus RS is currently in its second year of production in the UK.

It has been around since 2016 and is available in two different trim levels.

The Focus ST and Focus STL are expected to be announced this year, and a new Focus X will be unveiled next month.