When is the next Enertech exhaust kit coming?

EnerTech exhaust fans are now available in a range of different shapes and colours.

The brand is working on a range to go alongside the upcoming V6 and V8 turbocharged cars, with the most advanced models being designed for the high-performance racing scene. 

The Enertec Enertek TurboFan is a turbocharged model that has been developed by Ener Tech to provide an even better racing experience.

It has a new exhaust system with new valves and new intake valves, as well as a larger and more aggressive exhaust pipe.

It is designed to be more effective in a high-speed race and offers a more efficient turbocharger. 

It features a twin-piston design and uses a large venturi to reduce exhaust gases.

The fan is also fitted with an additional exhaust valve to allow for better air flow and better cooling. 

There is a range also available with different exhaust valves and intake valves for different types of race cars. 

EnerTech is developing a range for the automotive sector to be launched later this year. 

Like most manufacturers, Ener has a partnership with Renault.

The brand also makes an exhaust fan for the Renault Clio, which is designed for extreme performance racing. 

At the moment, EI is not available in the UK but we expect that it will be in the near future. 

More information about the Enerotech exhaust fans can be found on the EI website. 

Images: Ener Technology