When does a car’s exhaust fan last?

The Jerusalem post reported on Sunday that a Palestinian woman from Gaza City was awarded a $500,000 grant from the World Bank to buy a 40-inch fan from a French company.

She said she would then install the fan at her house and keep it running for the duration of her life.

The post said the woman bought the fan from the company after hearing about the Palestinian woman’s achievement in finding a new, cheap exhaust fan.

It also quoted the company as saying the project would cost about $3,000.

The Israeli daily Haaretz quoted a company representative as saying that the company did not provide a timeframe for when the fan would be installed.

The spokeswoman did not answer any questions about the project, which she referred to as a “private project.”

Palestinian media outlets have reported on the project in recent weeks.

In May, the Jerusalem Post reported on an agreement between the Gaza Strip’s Hamas government and a French-based company to install an exhaust fan at a home in the Palestinian coastal enclave.

In October, the Palestinian news website Ma’an reported that the Gaza City Housing Authority had approved an agreement to install 40 exhaust fans in the homes of three families in the city.

In December, the Israeli daily Maariv reported on plans by the Palestinian Authority to install up to 10 exhaust fans at five housing units in the central Gaza Strip.