What to expect at CES 2017?

An exposé by The Times Of India (TOS) in January 2017 had revealed that the company has plans to launch a new exhaust fan design in 2018.

However, this time around, the company is not just aiming at a limited edition model but also for the larger, double exhaust fan.

According to TOS, the exhaust fan for the 2017 model will be the largest and the second biggest fan in the industry after the Air Venturi by Venturi (formerly known as Air Ventur) which has a maximum volume of 2.2 litres and a fan speed of 5.5rpm.

TOS also mentions that the fans for the next-generation model will have a fan diameter of 2-3mm and have a maximum flow rate of 1.4L.TOS quotes a TOS official as saying, “The new design of the exhaust fans is expected to have a larger diameter and flow rate, while also having a larger maximum flow amount of 1,500 litres.

The airflow from the exhaust can be controlled through the air intake valve which can be either on the front or on the rear of the fan.

The air intake can also be controlled by the fan speed.”

The 2017 model of the new exhaust fans, which is scheduled for a launch in the second half of 2018, will have the following specifications: