What is exhaust fan?

The most common complaint about the new PS4 Pro is that it can’t actually drive your fans, and if you’re the type of person who wants to go out and buy a custom exhaust fan, it’s probably a no-go.

The new console comes with three fans, each with different specifications and mounting hardware to get them installed.

The four fan configurations we tested, however, are pretty much identical.

The most notable differences are that one of the fan mounting locations is for the PS4’s proprietary fan controller, while the other two are for the “standard” PS4 fan controller.

The PS4 will come with three different mounting options, but you’ll need to choose between three different types of mounting hardware if you want to use all four of the fans.

If you want the PS3 Pro to be able to drive the fan, you’ll have to install the standard PS3 fan controller first.