Volkswagen unveils all-new all-wheel drive platform for 2017 V8 V6 diesel-electric car, says CEO

Volkswagen has unveiled the all-electric V6 V6 in a bid to turn it into a viable and profitable brand.

The German carmaker is set to launch the new diesel-based V6 variant of its iconic 5.0-litre V6 at the Paris motor show in two months time.

In a statement the company said: “We are now the first company in the world to introduce all-aluminium-walled, alloy-block and all-molybdenum-stabilised engine blocks to our premium diesel platform.

This new engine has been designed to be a world-leading, high-performance engine for the future.

It has been developed with the highest standards of safety, durability and power to ensure it will last for many decades.

This is the biggest development in the history of Volkswagen and is the first in a new generation of premium diesel engines.”

The V6 will be available in the UK and US markets from 2018.VW said it would launch a full range of models in the coming months, including a range of variants, with the introduction of the premium diesel model in 2019.

Its premium diesel V6 is also expected to have a range-topping 5.1-litres, a range that rivals BMW’s 3.0 V6 and Mercedes’ 3.4 V6.