Toyota recalls over 50,000 cars with turbocharged exhaust fans

Toyota has recalled more than 50,200 cars in the US, Europe and Japan with its turbocharged, air-cooled exhaust fan motor.

The company said it would not beifying owners of affected vehicles.

The issue is with a Toyota exhaust fan unit, which has been sold in Japan and the US since 2010.

It has a built-in variable speed speed fan, but it has been designed to operate with a maximum speed of 200 revolutions per minute.

The engine can only spin for about five seconds before the fan goes into overdrive.

The turbocharger, which is rated at 600 horsepower, overheats, releasing exhaust gas and sparks.

The problem was identified after owners complained that the fan could be mis-tuned.

Toyota is recalling about 25,000 vehicles for the same issue.

Toyotas chief executive Carlos Ghosn told reporters the recall was a precautionary measure to ensure the company was not vulnerable to the potential of future attacks.

Toyots car is one of the most advanced vehicles on the market and this problem is a direct result of this design, he said.

Toyans engineers are working on ways to improve the fan and its performance.