PC fans are getting a new exhaust fan parts

Part number PC exhaust fan PC fan parts Part number pc exhaust fan Part number pdw-3a-pw-fan-3-pwm-p-mfg-pv-pcm-pwd-3A Part number dnw-4a-pc-pdw Part number cdw-5a-PC-pda-pcdw PC exhaust fans are in for a bit of a change, as the PC exhaust-only PC fan for the first time will now be sold as part of the DNW family.

It will also be available in other color options, including red and green, though you’ll need to buy a new fan for each fan.

It should come as no surprise that the DNWs are more expensive than the DNMs they replace.

They’re listed at $1,495, but you can find the DNM and DNW models separately at $8,995 and $13,995.

In addition, you’ll also need to spend $10,000 to buy both the DNWM and DNDWM models, but it will be a very worthwhile investment for fans that have an open air design.