How to make your own exhaust fan in under 30 minutes

You can use a standard exhaust fan for your car, but you don’t have to.

Here are five of our favorite DIY exhaust fans for your next project.


DIY exhaust fan with a fan blade 1.2″ diameter.

The fan blade is the only part of your exhaust system that doesn’t need to be attached to the car.

The blade makes the exhaust fan blades spin and keeps the air flowing in your engine bay.


DIY air purifier with an exhaust fan blade air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry.

These air purifying air filters are designed to reduce carbon monoxide levels in the exhaust system and help clean up the air in the engine bay by removing odors.

You can get a cheap air purification filter for $30 online.


DIY water pump with an air purizer water pumps are one of the best solutions for cooling your exhaust, and they’re easy to install.

You’ll need a water pump, an outlet hose, and a few bolts.

You may also need a hose clamp, but that’s a little more involved.


DIY pipe wrench with an outlet pipe wrench is a great tool for wrenching your car exhaust fan, and it’s a good alternative to the wrench.

You don’t need the wrench to loosen the bolts on the fan blade.


DIY muffler pipe wrench A muffler is a piece of metal that extends up through the muffler to the bottom of the mufflers.

The muffler helps cool the exhaust and filter system, and if you want to get a little creative with your mufflers, you can buy a couple to get them in different configurations.

Here’s a list of some different types of mufflers for your 2018 Ford F-150.