How to make a vintage ‘bizarre exhaust fan’ with parts from a retro game

A vintage ‘fairy-tale’ fan looks like it’s a little bit different, but the parts are all here.

It’s a fan that looks like a classic Nintendo NES and uses the fan blades to cool the system.

It’s made from reclaimed parts from the NES, Sega Genesis and Mega Drive games, including a NES controller, a Sega Megadrive controller, and the original Sega Megamix.

The fan is the brainchild of Reddit user x-t-minus.x-t has been making fan blades for years, but he decided to take his passion into the new world of DIY gaming.

“I have always wanted to build a fan, but never realized how difficult it is,” he told TechRadars.

“I found an eBay ad for a Super Nintendo game cabinet and a bunch of parts for it.

I got my trusty 486 and went to work.

I ended up making this little fan with just some wood, a bunch more wood, and some wire and screws.”

The fans fan blades are made from wood that was salvaged from a used NES controller and used parts from an old Mega Drive console.

The fan blade has a rectangular base, a handle that connects to the base, and a spout on the bottom.

The handles on the top of the fan blade allow the fan to tilt forward and forward while the blade is cooling the system and can even be used to hold a controller upright.

Each fan blade can be customized to different levels of cooling, with the fan being able to reach temperatures as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was an easy decision for x-thos to start making the fan, and he’s made two of the blades, which he’s called “The Cooler”.

The first, called the “TheCooler”, was made from parts salvaged off a Mega Drive controller.

The second is called the fan “The Bigger One” and is made from two pieces salvaged and resoldered on the side of the original fan blade.

He made the first fan blade, which is called The Bigger one, using the original NES controller from the original Mega Drive game.

The first fan that x-Thos made was the original “The Mega” fan blade from the Super Nintendo games.

He says it was an incredibly difficult project, but with a lot of dedication and love for the NES and Sega Genesis, he’s able to make it happen.

“I’ve done it before with an NES controller I salvaged, and that was the hardest project,” he said.

“But this time, I had a lot more confidence in myself.

I didn’t have to think about how the parts were made.

I could just build it.

It was really rewarding and exciting.

I’m not even an NES gamer, but I was so excited when I saw the NES controller that I got so excited to use it.”

The first and second fans are currently on display at the TechRaders Hackathon.

If you want to make one yourself, x-T-minus has a YouTube channel for you to check out.