How to install an exhaust fan in your new cabin

A new cabin might look a lot like a modern, airy home but there are a few key differences.

First, you’ll need to install a fan to cool your cabin from the outside in.

It’s the same design used to cool a home’s interior from the inside.

It takes a few minutes, but once installed, the fan will create an airflow that’s a little more direct and easier to ventilate.

The fan will also reduce the amount of heat entering the cabin by about 40%.

The fan should last a minimum of a year, but if it’s used for more than a year you’ll likely need to replace it.

The second important difference is the shape of the fan.

You can choose from two types, a fan with a flat top and a fan that curves around the body.

A flat fan has an angled head that helps keep your cabin cooler.

A curved fan has a slightly raised head that allows for a little ventilation from the sides.

The curved fan will be more efficient, and the fan should have a longer life span.

A fan that has a flat bottom has a shorter life span and will eventually need to be replaced.