How to change the look of your new car

The car looks good when you drive it, but how do you make it more appealing when you’re at the beach?

The car’s styling is just a start, but the answer is to keep your interior tidy and add a little flair.

If you’re looking to get your car more unique, the interior is where you should focus.1.

Make your seats and dash more interesting and stylish.2.

Replace the dashboard and dashboard surround with high-tech gauges.3.

Add a second monitor or speakers.4.

Install an iPod player or an external hard drive player.5.

Install a second iPod player.

If you’re not already using your phone or tablet in the car, make sure you have a second car seat and/or head-up display.

You could even consider adding a second camera.6.

Install the latest iPod or MP3 player.7.

Install one of the latest audio-processing apps for your car.8.

Replace an infotainment screen with an iPod or Apple TV.9.

Install some music software, such as Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio.10.

Install Pandora, TuneIn, and Google Play Music.11.

Install Google Play Games.12.

Install Spotify.13.

Install iHeartradio.14.

Install Apple Music.

If all of these things are on your list, make your dash more engaging.1) Make your dashmore visually appealing.

Make it more like a traditional car.2) Add a rearview mirror, more headlamps, or a new high-end stereo.3) Install more high-quality mirrors or bumpers.4) Install an infogrid, or infotagrader.5) Install a head-mounted display.6) Install some of the newest audio-recording software.7) Install Bluetooth.8) Install the newest iPod or iTunes.9) Install Spotify and Pandora.10) Install Google Music.

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