How to Buy an Epson X500 for under $200

Hacker News users are still having a blast with the Epson Epson x500, a laptop with a new “V” shaped fan, that looks like a “V”, and a “P” shape fan.

As you might expect, the fan cost a whopping $200, while the price of the laptop’s laptop exhaust fan is just $35.

That means you could buy a $500 laptop exhaust fans for a reasonable $40.

The new fan isn’t an E-series design, but it’s the same kind of fan as the E-1000 and the E500, which are the current top sellers in the computer enthusiast market.

That makes the x500 the first laptop fan to cost $200.

You can find the x50 in the same price range as the $200 E-Series fan, and it’s available in red, black, blue, and green.

This is a fan that’s very similar to the $150 X400.

The only difference is that it’s not as quiet, and can be heard when running a lot of software, and at full speed.