Exhaust fan installation on a GMC Canyon pickup.

The GMC Ranch 2500 is one of the most popular GMC trucks ever built, with an average of more than 100,000 sales worldwide, according to GMC.

While the truck is now mostly retired, GMC continues to produce the truck, which is still capable of producing power through an engine that has been in service since 1984.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how we installed a new exhaust fan to replace an old one that was failing.

The first thing we need to do is get the fan to work.

After removing the truck from the factory, we first needed to install the fan into the factory fan mount.

Here’s what we’re doing to install our new fan into our factory exhaust fan mount: We removed the fan from the mount and removed the bolt that connects it to the engine block.

We cut a small hole for the fan in the front of the fan mount and attached it to a metal plate.

To start, we connected the fan with a 5-pin harness that connects the fan assembly to the factory mount. 

We connected the harness to the exhaust fan.

Once connected to the harness, we then removed the metal plate and removed it from the truck.

Using a small drill bit, we used a small screwdriver to push the metal strip from the exhaust manifold to the rear of the mounting bracket.

As the fan moves forward, the metal strips move in opposite directions, causing the metal in the mounting plate to move forward.

This is what happens when the metal on the mounting plates moves.

The metal strips eventually connect to the mounting stud, which allows the fan blade to move. 

In this way, the fan turns and moves forward in order to create a fan blade.

This setup is called a “cabinet.”

Next, we drilled a hole for our new exhaust mount.

It’s a bolt-on bracket that holds the exhaust panel in place. 

We drilled a small piece of 2-inch diameter copper wire into the hole.

We cut a hole in the wire that would allow the mounting wire to pass through the mounting hole.

 Next, I drilled a 1-inch hole through the center of the bracket.

I attached the wire to the hole by running a length of 1-1/2-inch wire through it. 

Finally, I cut the wire and screwed it onto the mounting bolt, and screwed the mounting bolts into the mounting brackets.

Before you start installing your exhaust fan, you should check to make sure the wiring harness is connected correctly.

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Note: The exhaust fan is only required if you want to use a factory-installed exhaust system.