Dyno exhaust fans,altonard exhaust fans and dyno intake fans – New model to arrive in 2019

Posted November 03, 2019 05:08:13 A new model is set to come to the Dyno lineup in 2019.

The Almonard™ Intake Fan and Altonard™ Fan for Dyno are set to arrive at select Nissan models starting in 2019, according to a statement from Nissan.

The Dyno Intake Fan features a four-way, 4-piston front-mounted exhaust fan.

The engine compartment can also be used for mounting the exhaust fan and a small LED light.

The fan is located behind the driver and passenger side doors.

The Dynos fan is rated at up to 5,500 RPM and can be adjusted to up to 3,000 RPM.

The optional Altonards™ Fan includes a large, 4.5-poster front-mount exhaust fan as well as a small LEDs light.

A new model called the Dynos X-Drive is set for the 2020 model year, but it’s unclear if the model will use the Altonar exhaust fan or the new Dyno X-drive.

The new Altonaron exhaust fan is expected to be available in 2019 for the following models: Nissan Altima, Infiniti QX70, Kia Optima, Porsche 911 GT3, Toyota Corolla, Infineon QX60, and more.