Calgary Transit’s new air-conditioning system is ‘totally nuts’

A new system to cool air-bound trains is causing a headache for the city’s transit system.

The Calgary Transit board approved an environmental assessment of the system Monday that will likely be the subject of an environmental review process.

The board is expected to issue its recommendation on a new system later this month.

The new system will be built at an existing site in the downtown core, and the Calgary Transit Board has hired an environmental consulting firm to conduct the assessment.

“We are doing a thorough review of this system, it’s totally nuts,” board chair Chris Bateman said Monday.

“It would have been much better for the system to be built and installed a few years ago and not had to go through the full environmental assessment process.”

The board has said the new system would not reduce traffic and is designed to accommodate trains, buses and streetcars that require ventilation.

The system will use a mixture of gas-cooled steam generators and a fan mounted above the car.

Bateman also said he wants to see a system that can withstand extreme conditions, such as the heat generated by the sun.

The city has had to contend with severe heat waves and severe thunderstorms in recent years, and is considering new ways to address the problem.

“This is a huge undertaking for the transit system and a huge challenge, so we’re just looking at all options at this point,” Bateman told CBC News on Monday.

The project has been delayed until 2019 because of the heat wave.

In October, Bateman’s office said a $8.6 million project to renovate a transit garage at the station was delayed because of high water levels in the nearby Glenmore Reservoir.

The garage was to be ready in time for the summer, but water levels have since dropped to about a foot above normal.

Calgary Transit has asked the province to pay for the cost of the new facility.