Air purifier and air conditioner fail at same facility, kill 2 people

A second facility in Alberta, also located in the city of Fort McMurray, has been closed following a fire that killed two people, including a toddler, and left thousands of residents without power.

Air purifier fires have been a recurring problem in the region since mid-2016, and many residents have complained about the smell.

The city of Calgary and other cities across Alberta have had to shut down their air purifiers and shut down many businesses, but the Fort McMursays Air Quality Management Centre (FQAMC) has remained open.FQADM’s CEO Scott Houghton says he’s “hopeful” the city will reopen as soon as possible.

“We’ve had more than a dozen fires so far this year and we have more than 500,000 air quality tests conducted,” he said.

“A lot of people are in the process of trying to clean up their homes and getting air filters and things like that in place.”

Mr Houghson says his facility is working with emergency responders to get the fire under control, but that it has “seen a number of problems” over the last few days.

“I have some crews that are working with the fire departments right now,” he told CBC News.

“And we’ve seen that we’ve got some problems with some of the equipment we’re using.”

The fire at the FQAMR centre is one of several that have hit the region in the last year, but Mr Houghon says that has nothing to do with the country’s oilpatch.

“It’s not like we’re seeing a major flare-up of the fires, but we do see a lot of issues with the equipment,” he explained.

“So we have a lot more work to do.”

The city has been working with community groups to clean and reopen the facility, but many of those efforts have fallen through.FORT MYERS, Fla.

(CBC)The city is hoping to reopen the FMTC facility on Saturday morning after the first fire.

“Unfortunately the initial fire did occur at the same time we were working with fire crews to get a clean house for the city,” said FQADC’s Mr Haughey.

“This is an unfortunate situation, but luckily we have all the resources we need in place to ensure the safety of our residents.”

“We have worked closely with the city to make sure they have access to all the equipment that is needed and we are hopeful that they can reopen in a timely manner,” he added.

“However we have had a number issues over the past few days.”

The Fort Myers Fire Department says it was notified of the blaze at the air purifier facility on Sunday morning.

“Our crews are on the scene to assist with the containment of the fire,” said a statement from the city.

“The Fort McMons Fire Department is working to restore power to the community.”

The province is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Alberta RCMP’s Integrated Homicide Detail at 403-266-1234.