A new, redesigned exhaust fan for your 2017 Audi R8 model

A new design that looks more like a conventional fan has been spotted on the back of the new Audi R9 RSR, the brand’s second-generation flagship SUV.

The rear window exhaust fan has now been replaced with a more “tough” design, while the new rear grill has been moved further back and the vents have been angled downwards to make the rear vents look more like an air intake.

This is the first time a rear exhaust fan on an Audi model has been seen in a U.S. vehicle, and it will be interesting to see if Audi has any plans to produce a rear fan in the future.

The R8 RSR was released in the United States last month and is now available in several different models.

The R8 is currently on sale for $55,900 (roughly $49,000 in the U.K.), but the RSR Plus will retail for $69,000 (rough to $49/month), and the R8 Plus will start at $84,000.